RevOmax™ Fuel Xtender

RevOmax Fuel Xtender

Fortified with a USDA certified 99% Biobased composite, RevOmax™ Fuel Xtender is an advanced lubrication technology that enhances performance in all fuel systems. Performance and longevity increases while providing a reduction in fuel consumption, which means YOU SAVE MONEY at the gas pump.

RevOmax™ Fuel Xtender is a synthetic formula developed to reduce friction, heat, and wear on all metal surfaces at the molecular level. Fuel Xtender features MSM technology which seeks out friction points microscopically, and is excellent in any application where metal-to-metal friction occurs.

RevOmax™ Fuel Xtender User Guide

Gas & Diesel Fuel Systems

Add RevOmax Fuel Xtender to fuel at these increments.

Race-Tested & Proven

In the racing world and beyond, RevOmax™ MSM products have been tested & proven under the most punishing conditions:

Exceeds Standards

RevOmax™ lubricants meet or exceed performance requirements for virtually all manufacturers and engines, manual gearboxes, differentials and other components currently built, and are race-proven, with numerous victories to their credit. RevOmax™ is far superior to mineral oils and many full synthetics (at more than double the cost) because we use better base stocks, better additives and better blending (powerblending) to produce better lubricants. For maximizing performance and longevity, RevOmax™ is always the best choice.


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