About RevOmax USA

RevOmax USA is a new, green lubricants company born from a passion for racing and improving things down to the smallest details. Founded by Excellent Performance Inc. and Ambertech Global, RevOmax USA is strategically positioned to become a leader in the automotive, marine, racing & powersports industries by specializing in environmentally friendly biolubricant technologies which are proven to measurably increase the performance of internal combustion engines and the effectiveness of their associated lubrication systems.

Proven Performance

RevOmax™ lubricants have been tested, proven and certified by third party labs to reduce heat, friction and wear, delivering more power and better efficiency with an important bonus— savings at the gas pump you can bank on! RevOmax™ products are concrete proof that you can respect and protect the environment while simultaneously increasing the performance, longevity, and economy of your vehicle.

Green Is Great

At first glance, some might think we're just another lubricant company, but RevOmax USA is a pioneering leader in the biolubricants field, specializing in green anti-­friction compounds featuring MSM (molecular surface modification) technology, a USDA Certified 99% Bio­based patent-pending formulation that reacts to friction between critical wear surfaces at the molecular level, reducing friction, heat and wear, thereby unleashing more usable energy and horsepower than virtually any lubricant available, regardless of cost.


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